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Dan Traucki
15 July 2021 | Dan Traucki


Ever since I first tasted the emerging, Italian red variety, LAGREIN, over a decade ago, I have had a soft spot for it. It is a delightful, deeply coloured, aromatic, richly flavoured wine, which has a tight, grippy finish due to the cold climate in Alto-Adige (in northeast Italy) where it hails from. Here in Australia, it generally receives more sunshine and therefore the grapes ripen more so that it produces a richer, rounder, less tannic wine than in its native Italy.

There are now nearly 50 producers in Australia making LAGREIN spread from the cool climate of Queensland’s Granite Belt through to the warmth of South Australia’s Riverland. While I haven’t had the opportunity to try them all, to date, I have liked every single Australian LAGREIN that I have tasted. The depth of flavour and degree of acidity varies according to the climate the grapes were grown in, but they have all been very drinkable and enjoyable wines – which is something that can’t be said about too many emerging varieties.

Today’s excellent LAGREIN which hails from the Limestone Coast wine region of South Australia is the, WANGOLINA 2019 LIMESTONE COAST LAGREIN. OMG!  It is so deep, dark and dense in colour that it almost borders on being black. The attractive bouquet has lashings of red berry aromas along with a hint of tomato, dried herbs and a smidgen of spice. The palate is magnificent, big, well rounded, has good depth of divine flavours leading to a tight, moderately grippy, lingering finish. Although a smashing food wine now, especially with rich dishes, it will evolve as the tannins soften off over the next three to five years to become heavenly and totally awesome when served on its own.

So if you haven’t tried an Aussie LAGREIN yet, pull your finger out and try one ASAP, especially this WANGOLINA so that you can see what I have been ranting on about.

Cheers and remember always #chooseaustralianwine and drink #emergingvarieties whenever you can.

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