Kristen Wilks
14 December 2016 | Goode wishes & other such stuff | Kristen Wilks

Finally we are live!

Welcome all ye' faithful to the new Wangolina website & first ever 'blog'. It has been a labour of love, but we've got there.

Certainly would like to hear your thoughts on the new site, what's hot, whats not. All & any feedback appreciated...

Christmas and the summer holidays is nearly upon us so we wanted to wish all Wangolina friends, families, drinkers, lovers and supporters a very festive season and a marvellous New Year. We of course hope to see you at Saturday @ the Station and throughout the summer months at the Wine Room.

In light of recent events within our local community we wish everyone a safe Christmas, keep your families close and enjoy every precious moment. Best wishes from all of us at Wangolina.


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